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Orlando Massacre killer Omar Mateen

*On the morning of the Orlando, Florida massacre, a panel of so-called experts on Fox News denounced the senseless June 12 slaughter at the Pulse nightclub, but did so at a disadvantage that no one on the program dared mention. After all, the Pulse was a gay club, filled with Hispanics. How do you suddenly show concern for two groups of humanity that you spend so much of your air time admonishing?

The Fox panel did it by keeping the mention of victims—-who they actually were–to a minimum, instead doing what Fox does best: they blamed Obama.

Later that morning I watched as CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interviewed Hamid Karzai, former President of Afghanistan, still in the States after traveling here to attend Muhammad Ali’s funeral.

Because Omar Mateen, the shooter, was born to Afghan parents, Blitzer sought to lay the crime at the feet of the entire country of Afghanistan. An equable Karzai reminded Blitzer that the suspect was born and raised in America, so….

Still later in the day, Sitora Yusufiy, the killer’s ex-wife, once married to him for four months but who hadn’t seen him in seven years, recalled Mateen as physically abusive and said he wanted to be a cop. Ms. Yusufiy, who has no reason to defend the monster, said that Mateen was “bi-polar” and in dire need of help.

A retired military leader and current CNN talking head, eager to connect the killer to a terrorist group, said that while he sympathized with the abuse, a man beating his wife doesn’t make him insane. Okay. Does walking into a public place, murdering 49 innocent people count?

The inherent dilemma with hate is that it plays no favorites. It’s hard to have your hate “make sense” when there are so many annoying asterisks harassing your preference for ungodly animosity.

For example: how do hatemongers truly loathe a terrorist who kills a group of people…that they privately care nothing about?

Consider all the haters who feel cheated in their hatred that Omar Mateen may not have been associated with any name-brand terrorist organization at all, but was a mentally ill, narcissistic, wanna-be creep who possibly despised the fact that he was secretly gay and took it out on others. I suppose it’s somehow not as fulfilling to hate a man out of his mind as it is to curse what is deemed a “real” terrorist.

I still recall the collective deflation of right wingers on April 19, 1995 when they learned that the Oklahoma City Bombing, which killed 168 people, was not committed by Middle Eastern terrorists, but good ol’ home grown American white boy Timothy McVeigh, damn it.

Reportedly, Mateen, in the middle of his killing spree, said to a Black victim in the Pulse nightclub that he had nothing against Black people…as he continued to fire indiscriminately on a predominantly Latino and Gay crowd.

Go figure? Don’t try. Hate makes no sense.

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