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‘Stop the Violence Vigil’ Tours Five Communities

* Stop the Violence Vigil ~ Assembly member Mike A. Gipson is taking it to the streets. The uptick of gun violence throughout the 64th District, particularly Compton, Watts/Willowbrook, South L.A., Carson and Wilmington is devastating.

Gun Violence Vigil

In response to residents’ concerns, Assembly member Gipson has organized a Stop the Gun Violence Vigil  tour on Friday, June 3, 2016. The public is encouraged to join their neighbors and represent their loved ones and communities.

“Enough is enough,” says Assemblymember Mike A. Gipson. “We want to send a clear message to Sacramento of what we experience on almost a daily basis.

The governor and some of my colleagues have no idea of our level of pain and suffering. I was born and raised in this district. There aren’t too many degrees of separation between the victims and myself. I go to the funerals. I comfort families and friends. I see the pain in the eyes of mothers.”

Gipson plans to create visuals which he will bring back to the Capitol, including a banner signed by relatives and friends of victims of gun violence. “There are those in Sacramento that feel any additional gun control laws are unnecessary. They are wrong. If it were their child or family member, it would be necessary.”

Ciminals, who are unable to purchase a gun or procure one on the streets, are easily building their own from untraceable parts (Ghost guns).

Gipson’s AB1673 would require firearm manufacturers to register unfinished lower receivers with the Department of Justice. These types of gun parts are readily available in assault weapon kits and can be purchased online.

Join the Stop Gun Violence Vigil at any of all of the five stops which are: 5:30pm – South Los Angeles – 88th St. Temple Church, 8825 So. Vermont Ave. L.A. 90044; 6:30pm – Watts – Watts Civic Center (new), 1513 E. 103rd St., L.A. 90002; 7:30pm – Compton – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, 205 S. Willowbrook Ave., Compton 90220; 8:30pm – Carson – Dolphin Park, 21295 Water St., Carson 90745; and Wilmington– Gang Alternative Program, 309 W. Opp St., Wilmington 90744.

For more information, contact Asm. Mike A. Gipson, District Office, (310) 324-6408.







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