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*Tamar Braxton has found her life after getting fired from “The Real.”

The natural born hustler announced on the “Steve Harvey Morning Show” that she has signed a deal with Harvey’s production company to host her own talk show.

Also on the radio show, she discussed being fired from “The Real,” saying producers dropped the bomb on her husband/manager Vincent Herbert when he called in to get more info about the hosts’ upcoming appearance at the Essence Music Festival.

“My heart sunk into my shoes,” she said of her reaction to the bad news. “I pretty much fell over.”

Listen to Tamar’s interview on the Steve Harvey Morning Show below:

EUR REWIND: Tamar Braxton Officially Gone from ‘The Real’: A ‘Mutual’ Decision

 *Here’s news that’s going to make a lot of “Tamartians” very UNhappy. It’s n ow official. Tamar Braxton is OUT as a host of the syndicated talk show, “The Real.

Braxton will not be a part of the show when it returns for a 3rd season, it was announced on Sunday (05-22-16). We haven’t heard from Tamar, but the show is claiming it’s a mutual decision.

Here’s the official statement from “The Real” about the situation:

 “THE REAL and Tamar Braxton have mutually decided that Tamar will not be continuing with the show for its upcoming third season. She will be leaving in order to concentrate on her solo career. Everyone associated with THE REAL appreciates Tamar’s efforts and the contributions she has made to the show’s success, and we wish her all the best for the future.”

If that’s true, it doesn’t exactly sound like a “mutual” decision. And what about her claims of someone she “stupidly trusted” that stabbed her in the back? You can read more about that HERE.

In any event, we wish Tamar the best. We also wonder who will replace her? In fact, who do YOU think should replace her?

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Well, that’s that. Or is it? Earlier it was reported that a “reliable source” says “She wasn’t reading too well with the audience and sales people didn’t find her to be ‘brand friendly.’ She was also too difficult on production.”