*”You see a young person physically lift his mom, with one arm! We even have a grandmother competing!”

Former NFL’er Dhani Jones hosts “Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge” Monday nights on NBC.

Dhani Jones & Kyle Martino hosts of NBC's "Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge"

Dhani Jones & Kyle Martino hosts of NBC’s “Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge”

“The show is geared around the everyday person that is fighting for something greater than themselves,” shared the linebacker. “The young lady who is running for her mother, who passed from breast cancer or the guy who is running for his daughter.”

NBC's "Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge" contestant

NBC’s “Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge” contestant

Synopsis: From the producers of “American Ninja Warrior” and inspired by Spartan Race – the creators of the world’s most demanding obstacle course races -“Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge” raises the bar on team competitions.

Groups of friends, families, co-workers must work together as they race across specially designed Spartan courses engineered to test their determination, endurance and will. Teams of five compete to push through the pain to win $250,000. In each episode, of this seven-episode series, six teams of five compete in the world’s most grueling mile-long obstacle course.

Each team consists of two men, two women and a team captain. No team gets through the demanding obstacles or crosses the finish line without working together. From mud crawls under barbed wire to rope-burning climbs, the competition culminates with one of the most arduous obstacles ever built: the dreaded slip wall. As teams progress in the competition and the obstacles get more punishing, teamwork is the only way to come out on top.

Contestants on NBC's "Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge"

Contestants on NBC’s “Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge”

“People want to test the bond they believe is unbreakable and see if they can challenge themselves in moment, this show puts people in those positions,” explained Jones. “You see people in the very beginning and you’re like, ‘they’re the leader of the group,’ and by the end, they’re not so cool and someone else had to make up for them. These are the dynamics people want to see and be a part of because there is nothing else out there like this. Everything is all about me, me, me. So we throw in a little bit of us and see how powerful the chemistry is.”

Host & Reporters of NBC's "Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge"

Host & Reporters of NBC’s “Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge”

“Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge” is also hosted by former LA Galaxy star, Kyle Martino. MJ Acosta (NBC news anchor) and Evan Dollard (“Ninja” contestant) serve as course reporters.

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