birdman & toni braxton

*OK, is they or ain’t they and item? That’s what nosey neighbors and inquiring minds want to know about Birdman and Toni Braxton.  Well, if Thursday night in Atlanta was a clue, then the answer is a resounding MAYBE. Or maybe NOT.

Yep, folks have been talking about a possible love hook up between the unlikely pair for the past few weeks, and Toni’s little sister, Tamar, even weighed in.

So now it appears Toni has gotten the message that folks are all up in her “bidniss” and so Thursday night she decided to do something about it. During her Atlanta show, she brought out you-know-who and told the crowd to “respek his name!”

But like we said, until at least one of them comes out and definitively speaks on the situation, we just don’t know if they are a couple in a romantic sense or just messin’ with folks’ minds … ’cause they can. 🙂

And speaking of the ATL concert, Toni’s lil sis Tamar was also on the bill and performed her hit song, “Love and War.” BTW, lot of people on social media are swearing up and down that Tamar, recently fired from “The Real,” was crying throughout the song. We’re not buying it, but you can watch/listen for yourself: