Tyson Beckford

*Some people were shocked when two high-profile black males erupted into a brawl over a non-black woman — however, the incident left this writer LQTM (laughing quietly to myself), while wondering, “What’s so shocking about this?”

So as Tyson Beckford and his former friend DJ Ruckus continue to make headlines for fighting over Australian model Shanina Shaik, the woman at the center of their hearts is finally speaking out on the brawl that transpired last month. In case you missed it, Tyson Beckford got into a fight with DJ Ruckus over his ex-girlfriend. Since then, Beckford has remained silent about it, but now Shaik is explaining what she thinks of the fight, saying she doesn’t even understand why Beckford is mad…. considering he had her for over five years, using her for her body and image, and never once putting a ring on it. *KanyeShrug*

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DJ Ruckus, Shanina Shaik

Beckford and Shaik dated on and off from 2008 to 2015. After their split, she began dating their mutual friend, Ruckus, whom she met in 2014. In less than a year, Ruckus proposed to Shaik and the two are now engaged, per Rolling Out. Beckford and Ruckus have had beef ever since.

The two men ended up arguing and beating on each other over Shaik. According to media reports, in a recent interview Shaik said, “I think there’s no future with us and he [Beckford] knows that. I was working overseas so this is all brand new to me,” Shaik explains, saying that she was shocked when she discovered what happened.

“I think there were just unresolved issues that he needed to resolve,” said Shaik when she was asked why the fight went down. Despite the drama between the two males, Shaik says she doesn’t hold any grudges toward Beckford.

“I wish him all the best and I wish him much happiness, like my fiancé and I,” Shaik said before adding that she hasn’t spoken to Beckford in over a year.