bianca dawson

Bianca Dawkins

*Who’s with me on this: Why in the world would a sista who wears her hair natural even go to a hair salon and try to get her hair done by a white hairstylist?  But Bianca Dawkins apparently had her reasons for stepping into the white-owned, Minneapolis-based, Denny Kemp Salon and Spa, but from what she tells City Pages, and posts on social media, the result of the experience, though not surprising to this writer, was not to her liking.

As is now the norm, Dawkins decided to post her experience on Facebook, noting when she attempted to get her naturally curly hair straightened, a white hair stylist “flipped out. He said he didn’t have the time to do my hair and that my hair was like an animal he couldn’t tackle.”

Uh oh.

And then stylist Justin Waltenberg tried to get someone else to do it (pulling over five other stylists), but no one could’ tackle it’ either.

But here’s the thing people, when Dawkins asked, “So what. Black girls can’t come in here to get their hair done?” Waltenberg responded, “Well, it isn’t the 1950s or 60’s, where we can just put up a sign in the window.”

Of course, the owner of the salon later said in an interview, the comment was “misinterpreted.” Read his explanation here.