McDonald's Japan contest

*Lets face it, in order to get paid any attention in today’s world, you’ve got to do something pretty extraordinary. And I’d say dangling an 18-karat gold nugget from McDonald‘s in your face would probably get your attention.

I’ll take that as a yes.

Let me attempt to explain.

As contests go, McDonald’s has designed one that involves a gold nugget, a masked man in a black top hat, yellow suit, and red bow-tie named Kaito Nuggets — aka Phantom Thief Nuggets.

 …and you.

Oh, and how do you feel about international travel?

We’ll get back to that.

The gold nugget is valued at $2,000. And the unusual prize is said to have people on social media darn near breaking their neck to get their hands on that nugget.

The contest rules asks participants to help unmask the nugget-crazed villain, Kaito Nuggets, by posting his whereabouts whenever he’s spotted.

Now we get to why international travel is so important.

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