*”As long as you are talking about it, it’s fine!”

Critics are giving Universal’s “Warcraft” negative reviews but one Frostwolf  says they’re just haters.

“No news is not necessarily good news,” shared star Dean Redman. “I heard I look more like an Orc, than the character, but that’s just haters talking. That’s hater ish, which makes no sense. You think people want to make comments about the movie? As long as you are talking about it, it’s fine! It’s great!”

Based on the video game series, “Warcraft” portrays the first encounters between Orcs and humans, set in the world of Azeroth. The fantasy film roars into theaters June 10.

Dean Redman as Varis in 'Warcraft'

Dean Redman as Varis in ‘Warcraft’

EUR: What was your first experience with “Warcraft” like?

Dean Redman: Well, back in the days of dial up…my first “Warcraft” experience was waiting 15 minutes for the actual game to come up and then it would crash, so it wasn’t a good one. But the fact that I’m in the movie now, I’m not gonna complain.

Jamie Lee Curtis: I was worried about “Warcraft,” at first, but then I became educated. I thought it was going to pull my son into this vortex and never let him out. But as soon as I understood you can put time limits and access limits on it, I understood the world was just a beautiful, artistic expression.

Jamie Lee Curtis & her son, Thomas Guest at 'Warcraft' premiere

Jamie Lee Curtis & her son, Thomas Guest at ‘Warcraft’ premiere

EUR: What was it like getting in and out of character?

Dean Redman: It’s easy to get into, hard to come out of because it’s so easy…When you’re sitting on a horse, wearing armor, 200 soldiers around you, and guns are going off, you smell smoke…It’s hard. When they would say cut, I never heard it. I didn’t want to hear it. They really demanded a lot from us.

Shawne Merriman at 'Warcraft' premiere

Shawne Merriman at ‘Warcraft’ premiere

EUR: What was your favorite childhood video game?

Dean Redman: “Galaga.” It’s kind of like space invaders, space invaders on steroids! Playing “Galaga” helped with my character because there is a lot of kicking butt and a lot of my role is pretty much the same.

Shawne Marriman: I was always on “Mario Kart” but I could never beat the final level…Oh! And “Punch-Out” with Mike Tyson. I’d always get to the end, but I still haven’t beat Mike Tyson, but I know the code!

Jamie Lee Curtis: “Mystery Date” the board game.