sarah seawright

*Another undeniably gorgeous mugshot has gone viral, building a cult following of enraptured fans. This time the lovely lawbreaker is 24-year-old Sarah Seawright of Little Rock, AR.

Seawright was taken into custody for failing to appear in court following her 2014 arrest when she was charged with driving without insurance.

This is not the first run-in with the law for Seawright. Back in 2012 she was charged with aggravated robbery, first-degree battery, kidnapping, tampering with evidence, and hindering apprehension. She was sentenced to five years probation.

According to local Arkansas news station Fox 16, Seawright and accomplice “D-Money” lured a man into their car in a Target parking lot and drove around to the back of the store. D-Money struck the victim in the head with a gun after robbing him of $380. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Seawright’s mugshot has become a trending topic on social media alongside the hashtags #PrisonBae and #JailhouseBae. Around the world, as many as 131 billion searches are conducted on the Internet each month, so reaching trending status is no small feat. Unfortunately, her newfound viral fame means her mugshot will always be the first thing that shows up whenever someone Googles “Sarah Seawright.”

Seawright’s photo is just the latest “hot mugshot” to go viral. She now joins the likes of Alysa Bathrick and Jeremy Meeks. After being released from prison, the latter was offered a modeling contract as a direct result of the fame he achieved through his viral booking photo.

According to her Facebook account, it appears that Seawright has been released from custody. She posted a Twitter screenshot of her “Trending topic status,” and many of her Facebook friends have responded to the post in a positive manner. Her photo has been deemed by the Facebook community “The cutest mugshot ever!”

Oh yeah, there’s also this: she urged first time visitors to her Facebook page to follow her on Snapchat, where she shared a video saying “f— the judge.”

She must like taking mugshots.