*There are many celebrated people who are making great moves to change or at least put a serious dent in the many challenges we face in our world. Some are quietly writing checks, while others are lending their name to enhance visibility of a cause.

Here are 5 such people who are doing their part to change the world by creating a better Foster Care system, putting an end to Gang Life, building Future Leaders, providing quality Education, and putting an end to AIDS once and for all!

*Singer Alicia Keys (pictured above) is the co-Founder of KEEP A CHILD ALIVE — a foundation than spans continents to help children who are battling with AIDS.

*Philip Bailey (below) hopes to highlight a Cause we should all be concerned with: Foster Youth (Watch).

*Kendrick Lamar (below) hopes to promote peace between the Blood and Crip gangs with his new red and blue Unity Sneaker.

Kendrick Lamar

*Singer Usher Raymond (below) founded Usher’s New Look, a non-profit organization founded 16 years ago that has been working to develop future leaders globally.


Ushers new look

*The LeBron James (below) Foundation aims to spend $41M to send kids to college.


Wow! Let’s give these philanthropists a big hand!

Sources: Black Celebrity Giving and Keep A Child Alive