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*Donald Trump’s former campaign manager and current CNN contributor Corey Lewandowski was dismissed with a “boy bye” by fellow panelist Angela Rye after he went on a birther rant, questioning President Obama’s enrollment at Harvard as well as his birth certificate.

Lewandowski first criticized Obama for calling Trump “unfit to be president” during a White House press briefing on Tuesday.

Rye, CEO of IMPACT Strategies and NPR political analyst, responded: “Donald Trump has been attacking the president long before he began campaigning for this important office. He is the one who was the spokesman of the birther movement and was calling for transcripts and saying that the president was an affirmative action admittee of Harvard.”

Lewandowski countered with further attacks on Obama, continuing to question his Harvard transcripts and whether or not he attended the university, if at all, as a U.S. citizen.

After Rye had heard enough, she came for the Trumpster with, “Corey, in this moment I’m going to Beyonce you: boy, bye. You’re so out of line right now.”

Watch below: