beyonce-lemonade*Beyonce is being sued by filmmaker Matthew Fulks, who is accusing the singer of ripping off his 2014 short film “Palinoia,” which he believes inspired her “Lemonade” visual album.

TMZ previously reported that Bey is adamant she didn’t rip off “Lemonade” from a film about a depressed white guy, because her project is about a proud black woman. She fired back at the lawsuit with docs of her own, asking the court to dismiss his case because “Lemonade” portrays “an African-American woman who progresses through stages of suspicion, denial, anger and, ultimately, reconciliation in her relationship.”

On the other hand, she says “Palinoia” is about a “white man who is distressed in the wake of a failed relationship.” exclusively reports how Fulks is accusing Mrs. Carter of trying to distract the court by discussing race, and on August 10th, he returned to court blasting her attempt to have his lawsuit thrown out of court.

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He explained how Beyonce refuses to address the obvious similarities between “Lemonade” and his film, because she would rather make it a race thing. He says her argument about his film being about a white male and hers being about a African American woman are not relevant and absurd.

The filmmaker is demanding Beyonce’s attempt to shut him down be dismisses and that the judge allow him to continue on with his case.

Read the court docs here, and check out Matthew Fulks’ short film, “Palinoi,” below.

Meanwhile, Billboard reports Beyonce’s Formation World Tour has now grossed $210 million. The first two legs of the tour wrapped Aug. 3, and after a brief hiatus, the tour will resume on Sept. 7 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. The tour will wrap in Nashville on Oct. 2.