Pastor Mark Burns

Pastor Mark Burns

*Pastor Mark Burns, the hype man for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at his rallies, is now apologizing for tweeting a racially offensive cartoon of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The image shows Clinton in blackface, holding up signs that say “F*** the Police” and “I Ain’t No Ways Tired of Pandering to African Americans.” She also sports a t-shirt that reads, “No Hot Sauce, No Peace.”


Burns at first said he did no wrong by passing on the cartoon via Twitter. He told MSNBC: “The picture is designed to do draw attention to the very fact that Hillary Clinton does pander after black groups, after black people.”

But later, Trump’s warm-up act deleted the tweet, apologizing for the imagery, saying, “I regret the offensiveness of the black face.”

“I still stand by what the image represents but I think that, you know, I should have used better judgment,” he added.

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