*Fading C-List celebrities like Christina Milian know that if you want to feel the penetrating heat of the spotlight once more, then just hope on social media and type some variation of “All Lives Matter,” and sit back and wait to make headlines as #BLM activists and Black Twitter come for that a**.

Keke Palmer decided she also wanted to be hit by a wave of wrath over her “All Lives Matter” Twitter comments. Both singers shared the phrase in posts following the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile at the hands of police.

The “All Lives Matter” phrase is considered by many in the Black community as a way to diminish the value of Black lives in America. After all, Americans didn’t believe that ‘All Lives Mattered’ until Black folks started demanding that cops be held accountable for their brutality.

Milian set off a firestorm when she tweeted for everyone to “come together” with #AllLivesMatter. She followed it up with another post containing the phrase. Then sent a #BlackLivesMatter tweet.

She later deleted the initial tweet and posted two apology messages the following day. One apology blamed her lack of being “up to date with the hashtags.” Millian said she stood by #BlackLivesMatter.

Her apology and acknowledgment of ignorance came a little too late, and the movement didn’t hold back in letting her know it.

Christina Milian

Similarly, Palmer would not back down from supporting #AllLivesMatter after a Twitter user asked the actress how she felt about the statement, and Keke agreed.

After Black Twitter jumped on her response, Keke — still missing the point, doubled down on her sentiment and began responding the criticism.

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Christina Milian

You can read several of Keke’s defensive comments on the subject here.

Keke Palmer

Palmer, who may or may not have been coached on how to divide her fanbase with her “all-inclusive” comments, called one Twitter user a “bully” because she disagreed with her.

Keke Palmer

She also stated that she doesn’t “just cry for Black people,” she cries “for people.”

Keke Palmer