James Davis - Swag-A-Saurus

James Davis – Swag-A-Saurus

*Comedy Central hopes comedian James Davis can do for the network what he has done for its Snapchat.

On Wednesday, the cable channel announced it had ordered a television series that will feature Davis as the creator, star and executive producer.

The as-yet-untitled project, due to premiere in January 2017, is expected to inhabit the same vibe of his “Swagasaurus with James Davis,” the most-watched series on Comedy Central’s Snapchat. The show features the comic — who says he grew up “hood-adjacent” or a block away from where “s**t goes down” in South Central L.A. — giving his take on the latest slang. In the past, he’s tackled “slay,” “fire” and “Bye Felicia.”


The network bills Davis’ new series as a hybrid mix that will bridge the gap between “urban” and “mainstream” comedy.

“James is the real deal – smart, funny and immensely likable. He will be a great addition to our diverse talent roster,” said Comedy Central president Kent Alterman in a statement.

Added Davis: “I’ve dreamed about this moment since I fell in love with comedy. I’m excited to work with a network that embraces my point-of-view and purpose-driven comedy. I look forward to leaving my imprint on Comedy Central’s already legendary catalogue of great shows. I promise this show will be LIT!”

Below, Davis explains “fetty.”