Kevin Singleton

Kevin Singleton

*When Kevin Singleton, 26, plotted his own escape from the Chowan County Jail on March 27, little did he know that the place he had resided in for the past seven months was actually safer than what lay ahead of him.

Now it’s too late to weigh the risks, because his decapitated remains were found in a rural area 15 miles away from the jail. He was also nude.

Man, karma is a b*tch.

Singleton, who shaved a toothbrush into a shank and threatened a guard with it to escape, had been incarcerated on charges of armed robbery and second-degree kidnapping after he robbed a store clerk and attempted to kidnap him before he stole his car and was caught by police. According to Rolling Out, the suspect was also awaiting extradition to Charlotte on charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

Authorities say Singleton’s severely decomposed body had been in the woods for approximately one week before it was found by a hunter.

Singleton, escaped and found decapitated

Law enforcement identified his body on Tuesday and Chowan County Sheriff Dwayne Goodwin stated, “We have interviewed a ton of people. We don’t have a motive or anything at this point — no suspect, no motive.”

Hmmm…North Carolina. Black man. We might be able to help y’all out with that. The suspects (plural intended) may have been wearing white hoods.

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