*And we thought Eddie Murphy’s sperm was super-duper, so to speak. Well, it looks like he ain’t got nothing on DMX in the baby making department. Just to make our point, Mr. Murphy welcomed his 9th child back in May and today it was announced that DMX is now a daddy for the 15th time!

Actually, number 15 was born Friday in NYC … weighing in at 6 lbs, 10 oz.

The baby’s name: Exodus Simmons. The mother is X’s longtime GF, Desiree. It’s her first child.

TMZ says the rapper/actor missed the delivery — he was in Arizona when Exodus popped out. But he flew to NYC for the baby’s first night in the world.

The X-man says he’s overjoyed, calling the baby a “blessing.”

Well, in that case, when you look at it like that, DMX has a LOT of “Blessings.” 🙂


Meanwhile, speaking of blessings, and things of a holy nature, it looks like DMX’s dream of becoming a pastor are slowly becoming a reality. A recent video posted on Facebook shows him behind a pulpit preaching in Phoenix (that’s why he was in Arizona when baby exodus was born) about the miracle that is birthed from tragedy.

“If I wasn’t a threat to the devil he wouldn’t waste his time. If I wasn’t special to God, how would I know what He’s willing to do for me? We know what He’s able to do. The word says, ‘All things are possible through Christ who strengthens,’ Amen!” DMX shouted. “So we know what He’s able to do How can you know what He’s willing to do until you’ve been placed in a situation where you need Him to do it for you? If you haven’t been somewhere where you need God to get you out of the situation, you wouldn’t know what He’s willing to do for you. We know what he’s able to do but we won’t know what He’s willing to do until we’re there.”

His audience cheered as he passionately exhorted:

“I say miracles only happen on the platform of tragedy. If there’s not a difficult situation, if there’s not a situation where you can’t see you possibly getting through on your own then where’s the potential for the miracle?” he questioned. “If it wasn’t that difficult than it would be just another situation that you got through with a little bit of time, but because it was something bigger than you, something that you know took more than you to get you through; It’s not that God made these things happen but what I’m saying is that He allowed those things to happen, just so you know what He’s willing to do for you.”