*Today (08-29-16) on TV One’s News One Now, Host and Managing Editor Roland S. Martin spoke with panelists Carmen Berkley, Paris Dennard, Dr. Jason Johnson, and Spencer Overton about Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s tone deaf tweets about the murder of NBA Basketball Player Dwyane Wade’s cousin who was shot while crossing the street in Chicago.

During the conversation, Dr. Johnson expressed his disdain for Trump’s insincere comments about the death of Wade’s cousin as well as how terrible it is for him to attempt to gain Black votes from such a tragic death.

“It’s this gross condescending way in which he thinks he can talk to Black people,” said Johnson. ”One, you’re trying to traffic off of the tragedy and death of somebody’s family member before they’ve even had the chance to bury this person or mourn appropriately. Second, you have no relationship with Dwyane Wade. Third, you think that somehow magically because he happens to be a famous black person, and you mention that you feel sorry for him that magically black people will vote for you.”

Watch Dr. Johnson’s comments above.


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