ed gordon (plaid)

*He is one of the nation’s most trusted and respected radio and television journalists and personalities. He has interviewed a multiplicity of national and international newsmakers, and has covered or reported on many major stories over the past three-plus decades.  His style and approach to such interviews and high profile stories have often been described as inspirational, honest, direct, thorough, sometimes hard hitting, but always cool, smooth and professional.

On Tuesday, September 13 at 10:00 p.m. (EST), veteran journalist and broadcaster Ed Gordon will premiere his primetime national news magazine show, appropriately called “Ed Gordon.”  The one-hour program, hosted by Gordon, will air on Bounce TV, marking the cable network’s first venture with a primetime news magazine format.

Gordon said the decision to name the show “Ed Gordon” wasn’t exactly his idea.

“My ego is big, but not quite that big,” Gordon told EURweb’s Lee Bailey, with a laugh during an exclusive interview.  “But I’ve been in the business for a long time and people are always coming up to me to say that they grew up watching me.  So the network said, ‘We just want to call it (the show) ‘Ed Gordon.’  It wasn’t my first choice, but I will live with it. I think it’s going to work.”

According to Gordon, a multiple award-winning television journalist, the program will provide viewers with provocative celebrity interviews and profiles, unique perspectives to hard news stories, as well as presenting empowering feature stories, intriguing investigative profiles, and other types of human interest programming, especially as it relates to the complete African American experience.

“I am proud to say that I have always tried to represent us in a way that has made our people proud,” said Gordon.  “So I’m really excited about the possibilities of what the show will allow me to do.”

Gordon is well aware of the importance of elevating the show beyond what similar magazine formatted programs have done.  Therefore, he is gearing up to take “Ed Gordon” to wherever the news stories and newsmakers are.  He said in the beginning it will just be him.  However, the goal is to assemble a team of outstanding reporters, who will be ready to go wherever the stories are across the country, and eventually around the world.

“It will be ‘have camera will travel,’ ” said Gordon.  “The challenge, however, is for us is to convey the heart of each story that we do.  That’s what I want this program to be about.  I want to do the stories that get to your heart, stories that touch you, stories to make you think, and stories that will anger you.”

Gordon has always had a knack for meeting challenges, while providing journalistic and broadcasting integrity to the mix.  He began his broadcasting career at a PBS television station in his hometown of Detroit, Mich. in the early 1980s.  Word soon circulated throughout the industry about Gordon’s smooth, but impactful style as a broadcast journalist.

Subsequently, Gordon worked at NBC, where he was a contributor to the “Today Show” and “Dateline NBC.”  He also covered huge news stories for MSNBC, which included the death of Diana, Princess of Wales; the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky White House scandal; the crash of Swiss Air Fight 111; and many other key stories.  He also served as a contributing correspondent for CBS’ “60 Minutes.”

Yet, many of Gordon’s followers will remember his stints at BET, where he was the host of “BET Tonight,” anchor of “BET News,” and creator of his one-on-one series, “Conversations with Ed Gordon.”

It would be almost impossible to list the hundreds of interviews with newsmakers that Gordon has conducted over his career. Some, however, were President Obama, President Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé, O.J. Simpson, R. Kelly, Jamie Foxx, Halle Berry, Minister Louis Farrakhan, Steve Harvey, Michael Jackson, and many more.

“Ed is a trusted confidant of African American newsmakers who define our culture,” said Ri-Karlo Handy, senior vice president of Original Programming for Bounce TV.  “His insightful reporting and courageous storytelling make him the perfect journalist to shepherd our first news magazine.”

“I love how Bounce TV is growing,” Gordon said of the country’s fastest-growing African American-owned cable television station. “They’ve been very smart about how they’ve done it.  And I am truly overwhelmed at the response that I’ve received from people who have found out that this show is coming to Bounce TV.”

Gordon added.  “I just want everyone to tune in and support us,” he said.  “The times that we are in right now have been crying for a show like this. I’m excited and I’m thankful.”

For more information about Ed Gordon’s new primetime program, or information about Bounce TV, log on to www.BounceTV.com.