Keshia Knight Pulliam*Ed Hartwell’s aunt is not here for Keshia Knight Pulliam‘s shenanigans, and she let it be known in a pearl-clutching post on Instagram.

Hartwell, 38, filed for divorce from Keshia, 37, last month after six months of marriage. He asked the court for a paternity test to prove he is not the father of Keshia’s unborn baby. Since his surprise divorce announcement, Keshia, who is 5 months pregnant, has been working with the media to repair her public image.

In response to his divorce petition, the ‘Cosby’ kid claims Hartwell plotted to kill her unborn child. She also said Ed constantly cursed and yelled at her during their brief marriage. She wants the court to force her estranged husband to hand over his “multiple” guns, as she is in fear for her life. Keshia also asked a judge to order a mental evaluation for Hartwell.

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Pulliam’s words have fired up Hartwell’s aunt, who has accused Keshia of playing the abused victim card to gain sympathy from the judge.

In a profanity-laced post on Saturday, she wrote, “You cook up this story of Ed doing and saying horrible things to you and trying to cause a miscarriage. Why the f*ck were you on TV doing interviews… and not one mention of it.”

Read the full text below”

@tdmimzy Nothing happened to your sneaky ass. All of a sudden you cook up this story of Ed doing and saying horrible things to you and trying to cause a miscarriage. Why the fuck were you on TV doing interviews and all this extra stuff if that was the case and not one mention of it. Even the day you all slit you said he left the house and called you, not one mention of a foul word or argument between the two of you. I hope they don’t fall for your foolishness. Sound like you didn’t get the sympathy you were dying for from that interview and had to cook up a bs story. Just move on with your life. This relationship was doomed from the jump. Best of luck finding the next man, you should have done right by T, it’s no one’s fault but your own you sat around and waited till 37 to have a failed marriage and become nothing but an old baby mama.

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