*”Im’ma need everybody to go see “Kicks”…Coming out September 9th…You don’t want to miss this…I’m just saying…Everybody need to wake up…It’s more than kicks…Everybody pay up…Pay attention…” 

Christopher Wallace Jr, heir to Biggie Smalls’ throne, freestyles about his new flick, “Kicks,” an urban coming of age adventure about stolen sneakers. The Bay Area-based film also stars Jahking Guillory and Christopher Meyer.

Christopher Meyer, Jahking Guillory & Christopher Wallace Jr, in 'Kicks'

Christopher Meyer, Jahking Guillory & Christopher Wallace Jr, in ‘Kicks’

EUR: Tell us about your character and how you can relate to him…

Christopher Wallace Jr. (as Albert): Albert is a little too cocky sometimes…I relate to him a little bit but overall Albert is just a jokey, nice, and genuine guy at heart. But then he is a weird perverted dude and goes a little too far sometimes. Without his friends (Brandon and Rico), he is lost. He needs his friends to keep going.

Christopher Meyer (as Rico): …And vice versa. Without Albert we (Brandon and Rico), are definitely lost. He is the glue. My character, Rico, is the whiz kid, he is good at everything. I can relate to Rico because he is a fun dude. He loves to have fun and joke with his friends.

Jahking Guillory (as Brandon): Brandon is an underdog, he is shy and he’s not confident. I was the underdog…he is the smallest in his neighborhood and people call him names…people called me names in football. I proved them wrong and Brandon proves people wrong and gets his shoes back. I relate 100% because people see me on the football field and think I’m going to play like a girl because of my hair…Naw bro! No!

Jahking Guillory & Kofi Siriboe in 'Kicks'

Jahking Guillory & Kofi Siriboe in ‘Kicks’

EUR: What are your favorite pair of kicks?

Jahking Guillory: My favorite pair of shoes are these Air Force ones there black and red and I like them, no I love them and some gold Timberlands

Christopher Wallace Jr.: My favorite Jordan designs are the Air Jordan Flints and Cardinals, it’s tough between those two. But my favorite shoe in general would be the Air Force Ones because I can wear them dirty, scuffed up or freshly clean, and they’re always going to look nice.

Christopher Meyer: Definitely the Yeezy Season 2, when he was with Nike, the Red October line. Once I get those sneakers, I don’t have to wear another pair of sneakers ever again.