*We’ve all done it. After we finish eating our Chinese food, we can’t leave the table without cracking that fortune cookie open.

Meet Donald Lau, the CFO and CFW (Chief Fortune Writer) at Won Ton Food, Inc.

Lau says he considers what he does a form of art because he has to come up with a clever saying using 10 to 15 words.

“I can never write the Great American Novel, but I can write fortunes and be the most read author in the United States,” he muses.

According to CNN, Lau says the job was given to him by default, because he spoke the best English when the company was founded. But current Wonton Food CEO Norman Wong believes the job carries deep responsibilities in upholding Chinese tradition.
“We are a Chinese-American company,” Wong said. “We see it as our mission to spread Chinese culture and philosophy around the world.”

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