*”Don’t Breathe,” is the perfect title for this Sony pictures film that hits theaters everywhere August 26. The movie focuses on a trio of friends played by Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette and Daniel Zovatto that break into a blind war veterans house to steal money from a settlement that awarded him at least $300,000.

A robbery that was thought to be very simple takes the young adults by surprise as they are trapped inside a house and fighting for survival. The twists and turns occur in the movie when the burglars learn more about the blind man and what he has in his home.

EURweb associate Kiki Ayers caught up with the full cast of the movie to learn about more about what inspired the movie concept and what it was like working on set. Well known director and writer Fede Alvarez told us that when they decided to make the character blind, it took the movie to a whole different level.

“One day we realized what if the antagonist of the story is actually blind and we knew it was going to be about these robbers breaking into this guys house and this guy wasn’t gonna let them just go,” said Alvarez. “That’s always exciting when you know there is something that nobody has seen before ever and you get to tell a new storyline.”

Stephen Lang who put on a remarkable performance playing a war veteran and blind man said that there were many challenges when taking on the role.

“There was certainly the technical challenge of being credible as a man who has lost his sight as well as a war hero and as a guy who is brave and floating with despair all the time,” Lang said. “There were challenges on a daily on a scene to scene, on a moment to moment basis.”

When asking the cast why they think people should go out and support the project, Zovatto said, “If you don’t like to breathe this is the movie for you,” he laughed.

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