Diddy & Faith @ 2009 Grammy's

Diddy & Faith @ 2009 Grammy’s

*A promoter suing Faith Evans said the singer resorted to “gangsta-movie” quotes to explain why she bailed on a concert to instead play the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour.

Promoter Jeremy Hill has filed docs asking the judge block Faith’s plans to perform with Bad Boy Sept. 8 in Atlanta. He previously sued Faith for backing out of his Sept. 10 concert at Wolf Creek Amphitheater.

Hill says Faith used a “gangsta-movie” quote to explain — “It’s not personal, it’s only business.”

TMZ reports how the docs reveal Live Nation forced Faith to cancel the Sept. 10 concert to receive a purported $800k for performing with the Bad Boy tour. Hill goes on to say Faith’s agent texted him, “I can’t give up 25 dates for 1. I tried to work it out, she was going to do both shows but it’s impossible.”

Despite Faith offering to refund the deposit, he’s still pissed.

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Chad Moss

Meanwhile, Bow Wow (Shad Moss) is gearing up to launch his new late night show, “Up With Bow Wow.”

The rapper turned actor — who recently announced his retirement from the rap game — teased his fans on Instagram with what they can expect on his new show.

In one post, he writes:

Late night TV wont be the same! #upwithbow is coming. No desks no coffee mugs no band no ugly ass suits. THIS WHAT THE GAME BEEN MISSING! RAW UNCUT AND REAL ENTERTAINMENT NOT ONLY WILL YOU SEE ALL YOUR FAVORITE CELEBS ATHLETES RAPPERS ETC…. We supporting the new and the underground artist as well! Im giving you all a home a platform! This is not a “BOW WOW SHOW” this is a show for yall

In another post, he shares:

If you tired of “Music Tv networks saying they music but all they do is play scripted tv shows THEN GET READY FOR #upwithbow” all your favorite celebs musicians athletes they all stopping through. We needed a home. This platform is for yall! Im supporting the underground artist too. This is yalls home. THIS SH*T BOUT TO BE SO HARD!

No official release date or network have yet been shared.

Will you be tuning in?