*Drake fired a first shot at Funk Flex during his concert in New York last night (Aug 4), and the Hot 97 DJ fired right back with a warning – all stemming from this ongoing rumor of an imminent rap battle between Drake and Eminem… a rumor actually started by the station’s morning host Ebro, who today weighed in.

Last night, Drake called out Hot 97 for starting the rumor. “F**k Hot 97,” Drizzy said before adding, “I told Hot 97 fire Funk Flex, then I’ll do your show.”

Watch below:

It was Hot 97’s Ebro, who started the Eminem rap battle rumor, saying earlier this week that he heard Eminem was ready to “come after [Drake],” and that Drake laughed it off and said it wasn’t “gonna happen.” But if it did, Drake’s got “something” for Eminem.

Cut to last night. After Drake dissed Hot 97 and Funk Flex individually, Flex tweeted: “Hahahaha!!! 7pm Sat I got a story to tell! @Drake u gonna learn!”

Cut to this morning (Aug 5). Ebro addressed the whole mess on air, wondering where all this animosity from Drake is coming from.