georgia boys

*Look closely at the T-shirt being worn by the young man on the far left. It says, pleased to beast you. And I have no doubt that he, and his friends, will do just that.

After all, these four teens made a choice about the direction they want their lives to take, and they took action. They approached the LaGrange Housing Authority in Georgia and asked to be hired because, as they put it, “We don’t want to join a gang.” Thank goodness they ran into Zsa Zsa Heard.

They were hired on the spot!

Dylik, Dennis, Deion and Jalen approached Heard, who has worked as the head of the LaGrange Housing Authority for the past two years, on July 27 and made the request for work. At first, Heard thought the boys just wanted to make a few extra bucks for the summer, but she soon learned they had a greater vision.

She asked them why they wanted to work and they said “gang members were approaching them.”

Nuff said. She hired them. No more questions asked.

Then she posted the message below on Facebook because she wanted to “empower the young men,” who had the gumption to come in and ask for work. The post has received over 300 views and extremely positive comments.


Watch the video at EURThisNthat.