gabby douglas & womens gymnast team

Gabby Douglas was criticized for not putting her hand over heart during the Gold Medal ceremony while the National Anthem was being played in Rio at 2016 Summer Olympics.

*Damn, Gabriel “Gabby” Douglas is catchin’ hell again from her haters. Earlier this week she was targeted by folks for being the only member of the US women’s gymnastics team not to hold her hand over her heart during the playing of the national anthem after the team won the gold medal on Tuesday.

Now she’s being criticized for her attitude. In the hood they say it was “stank.” We’ll just use the word “stoic” to describe it. At least that’s what it seems like to us. And while it’s not a big deal as far as we’re concerned, it obviously is for others. There are those on social media who were rubbed the wrong way by Douglas’ seeming lack of enthusiasm for her teammates competing in the all-around competition at the Rio Olympics on Thursday.

Observers noted that after Simone Biles’ score was announced — giving her the gold medal — Team USA members Laurie Hernandez and Madison Kocien sprung forward to cheer, while Douglas remained seated, though she did clap. The Twitter reaction was swift. Here’s a couple of examples:

“Liked #GabbyDouglas until tonight. Why the attitude. U had ur moment. Don’t be a hater. Not classy. Support ur team” – Liane A

#GabbyDouglas Always So Salty. Can’t Even Get Up To Applaud Her Teammate — Janet (@Mijaro)

Between this incident and Douglas not putting her hand over heart during the National Anthem at the medal ceremony on Tuesday, Miss Douglas’ image has been taking some hard hits.

Even though she was questioned as a selection to the team in the first place after struggling during the trials, Douglas will have a chance to win back the public when she competes in the uneven bars.

But for now she’s #CrabbyGabby, unfortunately.