*With the recent scare in Glendale (CA), where a suspect made brazen attempts — twice within 30 minutes — to kidnap children in broad daylight, its time to revisit the conversation on teaching kids about strangers.

Fortunately, the Glendale police made an arrest in the kidnapping case two days later, and Lisa Arnold, 52, is set to be in Glendale Municipal Court on attempted kidnapping charges on Tuesday.

Glendale police say they are relatively sure that Arnold is the same person in both attempts, so they are not looking for any other suspects. But they have yet to release a booking photo of her, saying the investigation is still ongoing.

Arnold, and people like her, provide wake-up calls to parents when we least expect it. Though we hear stories about child abduction all the time, we never think its going to hit so close to home, and it shook the small Southern California city of Glendale to its core.

In addition, because one of the attempts occurred close to a school, John Marshall Elementary, the Glendale Unified School District has asked parents to remain present whenever children are arriving or leaving the school grounds. And parents are telling their children to hold hands with siblings and others more than usual.


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