glenn beck - all pies matter

*Our eyes and ears cannot believe what we’re reading and hearing. Yes, you read the headline correctly and yes, you can hear super conservative commentator Glenn Beck say it in his own words: “my pie matters,” which to him is the same as saying “Black Lives Matter.”

OK, we know what you’re thinking. No, WE’RE not crazy, too. Stay with us and you’ll see. 🙂

As you no doubt know, when it comes to the slogan, “Black Lives Matter,” most, if not all, conservative have a problem with it. They have argued that it’s too exclusive and implies black lives take precedence over other lives. Supporters of the movement say the message is supposed to be that black lives matter too.

Well, in an interview with NPR on Saturday, Beck, in his own weird way, likened “Black Lives Matter” to someone sitting at a table and “everybody gets pie except for you.”

Beck said if that person complains “my pie matters” and the response they get it “all pie matters,” then “it shows that the people at the table aren’t really listening.”

He made it clear he still has problems with the tactics and philosophy of the Black Lives Movement, but said he “can relate to them and understand them on many different fronts.”

Oh yeah, you gotta see the Vine below. It demonstrably illustrates how Beck damn near popped a vein while hammering home a similar point at a RedState Gathering:

If you can’t see the vine video above on your device, click HERE.

h/t: mediaite