Harry Potter, new book, MPC

*Some of my fondest memories of my eldest daughter growing up are the times we shared with Harry Potter. And it wasn’t just Harry: Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, Draco, Snape, and of course Volde…oops…HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED were all a part of a wonderful shared reading experience between the two of us.

I remember rushing to get caught up on the first couple of novels early one summer, as Janet anxiously awaited the publication of the new one, The Goblet of Fire I believe. Yes, we enjoyed the movies, too, but it was really all about the books for the two of us.

And it wasn’t just us. JK Rowling’s wizard world created a publishing phenomenon that we hadn’t seen in generations. Pre-orders for the novels broke records worldwide. I remember waiting for a plane at the airport one day immediately after one of the book’s release. Almost everyone at my gate was reading a copy of the almost 900 page hardback.

Back in the day, people lined up by the thousands at bookstores to count down to a midnight release of each novel. Many of those fans dressed up as their favorite characters for the events, and I will admit to attending one or two of them myself. (No, I didn’t dress up…but I wanted to.)

My daughter’s all grown up now (sniff), but I felt a tinge of excitement last spring when I read that an eighth tale in the series, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, was on the way. I wondered whether the fervor would continue, almost 10 years after the publication of the last novel. Also, this 8th installment was to be a “script book”, not a traditional novel, and it wouldn’t be written by Rowling. I wondered whether kids (of all ages) would still have a hunger for Harry.

I hadn’t pre-ordered a copy, but as last Saturday’s sun set, I couldn’t resist heading over to my local Barnes & Noble. Simply put, the store was a glorious, packed to the gills madhouse. I’d say Harry’s back, but I’m not sure he ever left.

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