Pastor Jamal Bryant

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* exclusively reports that “The Preachers” host and pastor, Jamal Bryant, is accused of being a deadbeat dad by the mother of his son. Earlier this month, LaToya Odom hit the TV personality with a lawsuit demanding he pay her child support ASAP as she has been the primary provider of their son since the pastor cut off her financial support. In her lawsuit, she is seeking primary physical and legal custody of their child, since the kid has lived with her since birth.

A DNA test confirmed that Jamal is indeed the father to her son born in 2015 named John Karston Bryant. They both agree that the pastor has made voluntary child support payments since their son’s birth. LaToya also wants temporary and permanent child support from Bryant, requesting the judge to order him to pay monthly support while the case is pending.

Bryant responded to his baby mama’s lawsuit, stating that he aimed to amicably resolve the issues over their son. However, he said that he ceased all contact with LaToya and stopped paying support due to her continued harassment and his desire to have the court settle the matter. He also asked the court to deny her request that he pay her attorney fees.

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LaToya told the court that she makes a modest income as an author, but her income is no match to his. She claims she had no choice but to take Bryant to court in order to protect the long-term interests of their child. Odom said that she is without the financial resources like Bryant, who is the founder of a Baltimore-area megachurch with more than 10,000 members, co-host on “The Preachers” talk show, and worth millions.

LaToya accuses Jamal of living a flashy lifestyle when she – who shoulders all parenting responsibilities for the child – is a single mother who lives frugally. Further, she says she has had to put her personal career aspirations on hold in order to care for their child.

In her docs, she also blasts Bryant for not being forthcoming about his net worth and finances, and his refusal to hand over information regarding the sources of his income. Latoya stressed that her ex has demonstrated absolutely no interest in the well-being of his own son.

The judge has yet to make a decision on her motion. The case is still pending in Georgia Court.