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Tene Nicole Welcomes Georgia State Representative, Attorney-At-Law and Author, LaDawn Blackett Jones To Its Roster Of Notable Clients

*LaDawn Blackett Jones has been a natural leader and entrepreneur since early childhood. Jones entrepreneurial skills surfaced in the 4th grade when she began selling self-made hair bows to her classmates and teachers. In high school a response to students’ complaints of racial divide between athletes and student government, Jones came up with the concept, “make room for everyone”.

LaDawn Blackett Jones

Where she formed a dance team “Hotsteppers” and through the creation of dance the team performed during the basketball season to allow more students to participate “their way.” Jones also helped to create a community service club for Westlake girls, which later in her life became a blueprint for a future life passion.

Jones, study computer engineering then sociology at Tennessee State University but later realized she wasn’t ready to enter the real world and decided to stay in school to become an attorney. While at TSU, Jones served as a peer counselor, Junior Class Representative, Senior Class Representative, Speaker of the House and graduated from TSU, cum laude, with a B.A. in English.

LaDawn Blackett Jones went on to law school at Tulane University in New Orleans and with the U.S. Supreme Court Grutter & Gratz decisions that challenged affirmative action for graduate schools, Jones created a program called Diversity Month. Throughout the month of March, organizations from the school hosted events that challenged stereotypes, opened discussion, and encouraged healthy debate among the law students. The program was nominated for the American Bar Associations Community Service award.

LaDawn Blackett Jones

LaDawn Blackett Jones

LaDawn Blackett Jones passed the bar and began working in the Fulton County District Attorney’s office. Promoted to Chief Senior Assistant District Attorney. She was soon selected to be the Community Prosecutor for Zone 4 in southwest Atlanta. After only 18 months in the unit, Jones was asked to be the units first Director. Under her direction, the unit, which placed prosecutors in the communities they served, opened four new offices allowing the program to expand to throughout Fulton County.

After working as an assistant district attorney for six years, Jones set out to open her own law firm The LBJ Group, LLC. Determined to create a firm rooted in principles of service to the community and excellent legal representation. The LBJ Group currently operates Atlanta’s only Holistic Counseling Firm, servicing clients in the areas of criminal, family, and small business law.

Later, Attorney Jones ran for State Representative for East Point, College Park, Atlanta and Douglas Counties in Georgia. Jones won a highly contentious campaign where she was both the youngest and the only female of the four candidates. Representative Jones has served for two terms in the General Assembly and did not garner any opposition for her re-election. Early on in her elected seat Jones has established herself as a fighter not afraid to take on tough issues and has successfully passed several pieces of legislation.

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LaDawn Blackett Jones’ book cover: Cheating but not cheated

In 2009, Jones added author to her resume and began her first novel–Manipulation. Jones wanted to tell a story that was as entertaining as it was unbelievable.

Based on a few of her own experiences as a prosecutor and a lot of imagination, the fast moving thriller is based in Atlanta. Jones second book was self- published last year called Cheating But Not Cheated: A Memoire of the Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Scandal. The memoir details the life of Attorney Jones’ client who was identified as the “poster child” for the Atlanta school cheating scandal.

Jones also served as state director for Bernie Sanders 2016 political campaign with African American outreach for both California and New York and provides weekly political analysis for NBC News 11Alive.

The question most often asked is, “How does she do it all?” To that, Jones uplifts her deep devotion to God and a great support team in her husband and two children who have supported her ambition thoroughly.





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