Mohammad Robinson

Mohammad Robinson (via Twitter)

*Here’s some straight up insane news. In North Las Vegas (Nevada), a man was shot and killed outside a McDonald’s restaurant all because he reportedly got into an argument for a woman because he didn’t hold the door for her.

KSNV reports that Mohammad Robinson got into an argument with a woman who was upset because the door to the McDonald’s was not being held open for her. The woman reportedly went and notified a man she was with about the incident, and that man pulled out a gun and fatally shot Robinson, 31.

“It was a stupid reason honestly, irrelevant. It doesn’t make any sense why would you actually take someone’s life over not opening a door,” Robinson’s 14-year-old daughter Miniya Sampson told the news station. “It’s horrible. I want my dad back and you took him away from me!”

Robinson’s best friend reportedly witnessed the shooting, Sampson said.

The suspect, whom police are looking for, is still at large. KSNV says police are hoping that surveillance footage from the McDonald’s will lead to the killer’s apprehension.

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