*With this story we are reminded of why police officers can still be a valuable resource. Imagine a 7-year-old boy standing outside of a neighborhood CVS store, offering up his little teddy bear to anybody who will buy it because he needs money to buy something to eat.

Yes, I said he is seven.

We hear these dreadful stories each day, but usually they are happening in poverty-stricken third world countries. This happened in the United States of America. In Ohio.

The little boy hadn’t eaten in several days.

And not only was he alone, standing at the busy intersection of Second and Main in Franklin — he wasn’t even having any luck! So now we get to imagine ANYONE passing a child on the streets and not offering to help him; not INSISTING on finding out why he is out there before taking him to a police station.

His family never missed him, apparently. They didn’t even know he was gone until police showed up at their nasty-ass house and arrested them.

But there I go, getting ahead of myself.

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