*The “Sausage Party” movie premiere which took place at the Regency Westwood Theater consisted of hundreds of fans, movie stars and whole lot of sausage.

The tan carpet was created to look like a real grocery store with bins filled with produce and cash registers built into the carpet. Hundreds of free sausages were also being grilled for fans, media and talent.

In addition to the film’s stars such as Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill, Tyler The Creator, Austin Rivers and Keenan Ivory Wayans were also in attendance.

EURweb Associate Kiki Ayers was on the scene to catch up with the celebs to see if the movie will make them think twice about future food purchases. Garcelle Beauvais who was best known as ‘Fancy’ in The Jamie Foxx show and current host for “Hollywood Today Live” said she came out to the premiere with her friend to have a girls night out.

“I just though was going to be really fun. I haven’t had a day off in a while,” she said. “My kids were like mom I want and come and I was like it’s rated R.”

As the movie focuses on sausages that later find out they will be eaten after being brought home from the grocery store, we were curious to know if this would make the stars think twice about what they eat next time they make a trip to the super market. Rogen who stars in the film said no.

“I love cheeseburgers and I eat them with the lack of mercy I always did,” he laughed.

Los Angeles Clippers player Austin Rivers said he’s pretty sure this movie will ruin all food for him but luckily he’s trying to cut out fatty foods and meat all together thanks to his girlfriend.

“I’m a chicken guy but I’m probably gonna cut back and be more vegetarian. My girlfriend is full vegetarian so I’m trying to break into that, slowly.”

Sausage Party will be in theaters everywhere Friday, August 12. For more information on the movie visit the official website here