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*Brace yourself.

The New York Times on Wednesday posted video footage gathered from one year spent embedded in the crowds at Donald Trump rallies.

The public has already witnessed heated confrontations with protesters and bursts of violence at the GOP presidential nominee’s campaign stops during the primary season. “But what struck us was the frequency with which some Trump supporters use coarse, vitriolic, even violent language — in the epithets they shout and chant, the signs they carry, the T-shirts they wear — a pattern not seen in connection with any other recent political candidate, in any party,” stated the Times article, written by Erica Berenstein, Nick Corasaniti and Ashley Parker.

The trio notes:

Not everyone attending a Trump rally behaves this way. In fact, many are polite and well mannered. But while protesters are often shouted down, crowds seldom express disapproval of the crude slogans and angry outbursts by Mr. Trump’s supporters.

With that in mind, we set out to record the shouts, slogans, imprecations and interactions among audience members that set Trump events apart from other political gatherings. We also obtained recordings from others in attendance, who sometimes were closer to the action.

From Maine to North Carolina, from Ohio to Arizona, here are the Trumpsters. Raw and uncut.