o'shea jackson jr.
*As we reported, George Zimmerman got the crap beat out of him by what seems to be a fellow racist for ironically being a “n*gger lover” after he bragged about killing Trayvon Martin.

Dang, that’s all kinds of twisted poetic justice, when you think about it. In any event, a TMZ video guy caught with Ice Cube’s namesake son, O’Shea Jackson Jr. to get his thoughts about the beatdown.

It turns out Mr. Jackson doesn’t believe in violence, but thinks God sometimes resorts to such tactics when a mere mortal needs to be taught a lesson.

O’Shea was out at a celeb basketball event at LA Live Friday, and the video man asked about Zimmerman getting called a “n*gger lover” and getting punched in the face.

Jackson has an amusing theory on why someone might think Zimmerman’s a fan of black people.