Porsha Williams

*Maybe Porsha Williams should just stop and take it easy for a while. It seems her body is trying to tell her something. It’s being reported that the “Real Housewives of Atlanta Star” was rushed to the hospital she collapsed out of the blue on Monday (08-08-16).

The incident, according to sources, happened in the parking lot of an Atlanta shopping center when Williams was seen gasping for air before suddenly collapsing to the ground.

Witnesses immediately called 911 and Atlanta Fire and Rescue rushed to the scene and treated Williams before taking her to Piedmont Hospital. Fortunately she is reported to be good condition as of this posting.

Of course the question is why did she suddenly collapse as she was said to be gasping for air? Well, sources close to Williams say most likely it was because of lack of eating on her part.


If you follow Ms. Williams, you know that this isn’t the first time she’s has passed out in public. Back in mid-March, Williams was on a flight from Atlanta to Miami when she fainted in her first-class seat.

Flight attendants asked the passengers if there was a doctor on board to aid the reality star and, surprisingly, three doctors were on board and helped Williams come to with the aid of sugar pills. Paramedics met the plane on arrival and checked Williams out before declaring that she was OK to continue on with her travels.

Williams’ sister, Lauren, explained at the time that Williams was traveling on the plane by herself and that she had a fainting spell due to low blood sugar. Lauren also explained that Williams has fainted on other occasions in the past because of problems with low blood sugar.