*For the life of me, even with a vow to eat healthier as often as possible (I never eat fast food!), and prepare all of my own foods at home (not quite there yet), I can’t do away with my taste for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Even talking about it now makes me want to run to KFC. I can literally smell the chicken right now. Well, if the story I am about to share is true — and look, who is to say it is or it ain’t at this point — I, and you, may never have to set foot in KFC again because we will be able to create the same taste at home.

***Someone has leaked the 11 herbs and spices recipe!!!***

Hopefully, Colonel Sanders (real name Harland David Sanders) is not rolling over in his grave. Not only has he been reduced to a a series of wacky-looking caricatures on TV commercials (some of us are actually old enough recall ‘the real Colonel’ — with his white suit and black string tie!).

Not only have we seen multitudinous attempts to unearth the secret recipe, which has been under strict lock and key by the Louisville, Ky-based headquarters forEVER.  Yet, a mad marketing display years ago showed a Brink’s armored truck and briefcase marked “Top Secret” demonstrated how they had beefed up security at the vault that contains the Colonel’s handwritten recipe.

But even after all of that, it’s hard to resist the hype. So KFC went and upgraded its website, www.colonelsanders.com, to feature yet another ‘Colonel Sanders’ character who swears he is FINALLY finally ready to reveal the secret recipe.


And as we wait with baited breath for him to make the big reveal, all of a sudden the sound malfunctions and an “out of order” sign pops up on the screen.


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