russell wilson - mic

*In a new Complex magazine interview, 27-year-old Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson revealed that he chooses to listen to gospel music veteran Yolanda Adams as opposed to rappers before big games.

When asked what one song he would listen to before kickoff, Wilson said: “‘I’m Gonna Be Ready’ by Yolanda Adams. That’s probably my go-to song.”

“Before a game, I’m always listening to gospel music. I’m just so grateful on game day.”

The NFL star prefers to be calm on game days, something that gospel music helps him with.

“I don’t try to be all amped up. I try to be calm as can be and just grateful that I can play the game,” he said. “It’s a special, special day, those days.”

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Off of the football field, Wilson keeps his focus on God instead of what people write about him, and his relationship with singer Ciara.

“I’m just grateful I get to play the game of football. I’m just grateful I get to take the God-given ability that God has given me and just spread it across to my teammates and for us to play together and try to hopefully win another Super Bowl, and that’s kind of my singular focus,” he told Complex. “So I’m just grateful, man. I’m grateful that God has given me that opportunity.”

Wilson also spoke about the legacy that he wants to leave behind off the field.

“In terms of my legacy off the field, I want to be a Christian man that helps lead and helps change lives and helps serve other people. It’s not about me, you know,” Wilson told reporters on the Media Day that took place last year. “It’s not about me and it’s about just helping other people. So that’s kind of where I keep my focus.”

The QB also wants you to know that his faith is strong and can’t be shaken.

“In terms of my faith, my faith is everything – God comes first, family and friends come second, and football comes third,” Wilson told reporters. “I think when you keep it in that order, great things happen to you. You don’t stress out about much.”