Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte

*Hmm, it looks like Ryan Locte‘s bad karma is biting him in the butt … again. Now, authorities in Rio de Janeiro have charged him with filing a false report in connection with his so-called “embellished” story of a robbery in the South American city during the recent Summer Olympics.

He’s got to be crapping in his Speedos ’cause Rio officials plan to summon Lochte back to the city for a Brazil Justice Department hearing on the incident, in which he and three other U.S. swimmers were accused of vandalizing a gas station bathroom after a night of drinking, according to the Associate Press. (Somewhere Al Roker is grinning from ear to ear.)

Because of the scandal, as we reported, “Lyin’ Lochte” got the boot from t several brand endorsement deals. But today he did get another. Today, Carmel, California based Pine Bros Softish Throat Drops (cough lozenges) took a chance and signed up the multi-gold-medal winner.


“Just as Pine Bros. is forgiving to your throat, the company asks [the] public for a little forgiveness for an American swimming legend,” the company said in announcing the deal Thursday, according to CNN.

And you can best believe Lochte is more than grateful:

Because of how he handled the incident … as in lying about what happened in several interviews with NBC, Lochte lost deals with Speedo, Ralph Lauren, the company that makes Gentle Hair Removal, and mattress outfit Airweave.

“Lyin’ Ryan” and the other swimmers originally said they were held up at gunpoint during the incident, prompting a police investigation that revealed multiple inconsistencies in those accounts.