*With the third season of OWNs “Flex & Shanice” under way, EUR associate Fahnia Thomas sat down with the co-stars to catch new music, finances, and reality TV life.

EUR: Shanice what’s next for you musically?

Shanice: I’m in the studio recording new music. I’m working with T-Pain, he was on the second episode . I’m working with Needlz.

Flex: You’ll hear Needlz song on the fourth episode.

Shanice: And I just sat down with Faith Evans. We don’t have the record yet but we’re working on doing a record together.

To listen to Shanice’s new single “Another Lonely Day,” click here.

OWN's "Flex & Shanice"

OWN’s “Flex & Shanice”

EUR: What have you learned from being on reality TV?

Flex: It’s defiantly different than being on scripted shows…its more regimented on a scripted show. We just kind of flow and its fun! And if you say something, you really don’t want to say…DON’T SAY IT BECAUSE IT’S THERE!

EUR: What’s after reality TV?

Shanice: Even during the show, he still does his auditions, he’s still an actor, he still does stand up, he’s still writing his own script. He just finished a script for a series he has created for himself. It doesn’t stop here!

Flex: Even if I get something else, I’ll continue to do the show because that is a part of our story.

OWN's "Flex & Shanice"

OWN’s “Flex & Shanice”

EUR: The press release states, you were first generation millionaires who lost everything…What does your financial diet look like today? What are you doing differently?

Shanice: You go through stuff like that and you learn…

Flex: And we are still learning.

Shanice: We sat down with a financial planner. We are teaching ourselves how to budget and how to live below our means and how to save.

Flex: He gave us some really good tips and stuff we didn’t think of…Like when you’re not paying attention to when you swipe the card a couple times and you’re not counting and two or three days later it hits the account and then when you go to pull money out it’s not there… Then you’re like, ‘what happen!?’…

Shanice: So, it’s best to use cash!

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