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*LA’s award-winning Black Theatre company sponsors artist-in-the-community workshops featuring four produced playwrights.

 An artist-in-the-community series of workshops led by Ben Guillory and four of the Robey Theatre Company playwrights has been launched to provide story-telling tools and writing tips for LA’s South Central residents. According to Guillory, the idea is to recognize the community as “History Detectives,” digging for those stories you’ll never find in a history book, yet will never forget.

“We’re looking for everyday residents,”  Guillory continues, “even those who no longer live in the community, but who have been “witnesses” to history—our cultural history.”  Those stories define who we are—explaining where we were, once and informing where we find ourselves now, in and out of “the Community.”  The key to our success will be participation.

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