Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey

Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey

*Steve Harvey has come to the defense of his colleague and good friend Ellen DeGeneres after a tweeted photo that showed her being carried on the back of Usain Bolt was criticized by some as racist.

“This is how I’m running errands from now on. #Rio2016,” read the caption.

Harvey was among the scores of folks who have since come to Ellen’s defense, saying the accusations of racism leveled against her are ridiculous.

“Let me tell you something. I’ve been around this woman a bunch of times,” he said on The Steve Harvey Morning Show. “I don’t think there’s a stick of racism in her body. Now, I see where people are trying to go with this, but in her case, don’t do that. ‘Cause that ain’t even how she thinks. She cares on so many levels on so many things, and if she’d have thought for one moment that that’s what anybody would’ve did, she’d have never done it. But it’s not even in her mental psyche. She’s just one of the coolest chicks I’ve ever met, man.”

“That ain’t how she was looking at it,” he added. “She’s just got the world’s fastest man…’I’m on his back, this is how I’m running my errands right now. I’mma ride Usain.’ Now, had the caption read differently [like], “I’mma ride this big Black boy around to go grocery shopping, ta da!” [then] I got where you’re coming from. Ellen don’t look at it that way. She really, really don’t. I mean, skip the fact that she’s a comedian. Just as a person and a human being, I would ride off the air with Ellen and her philosophies on life.”

Echoing his morning show co-hosts that Ellen just thought she was making a light hearted joke, Harvey added, “And that’s all it was. That’s all she intended it for. She wasn’t trying to make a social statement. I’m just not gone let nobody do her like that.”