trump and Khizr & ghazala khan

*He had to go and say something about the man’s wife.

That’s really what started it, you know. Something tells me Khizr Khan, after speaking at the Democratic National Convention about losing his son, a U.S. military soldier, in Iraq and telling the audience that Donald Trump is not fit to be president, would have ignored whatever Trump might have said about him.

But when Trump, during a TV interview, pointedly noted that Khizr’s wife Ghazala stood at her husband’s side during the speech and never uttered a word—-implying that because she is Muslim, she wasn’t permitted to speak—-well, that got Mr. Khan going.

To be fair, Khan gave several reasons why Trump is all wrong for the presidency. However, I’d bet money in Vegas that it was Trump’s snipe at Mrs. Khan that truly drove him to appear, with and without his wife, on nearly every major (and not so major) news outlet to make an inspired case as to why a “President Trump” would destroy this country. Any day now I expect to see Khan on an episode of “Unsung.”

Without calling Trump a single nasty or childish name, Khan expressed what much of the country has been saying all along: not only is Trump not presidential material, but he is a sad, immature man in need of professional and spiritual help.

Since Khan’s first interview appearance last Sunday, there’s been a piling-on to renounce Trump for a variety of reasons (all of them rooted in Trump’s stupidity). Finally, it looks as if the GOP’s nominee might have seriously mortally wounded his circus of a campaign.

And the spark that ignited the fire was Trump’s flippant remark regarding Mrs. Khan.

See, Trump, being a man who respects very little that isn’t about him, didn’t honor a basic, universal law of male culture: you don’t say shit about a man’s woman. Not anything derogatory. Not to his face, at least, and certainly not to a national television viewing audience.

Apparently, Trump, as a boy or a young man, never had the following words said to him: “What did you just say?…No, I mean, before that–what did you say about my girl?”

Then again, perhaps Trump has heard those words in his life but, typically, doesn’t respect them. You’ll recall sometime back he had unkind words for Heidi Cruz, wife of Ted Cruz.

But that was Cruz. Khizr Khan ain’t no punk, and on Trump he unleashed a most dignified can of whup ass.

Khan immediately became my man when, while yelling at the TV my approval to all that he said during his first interview on CNN Sunday morning, I noticed his pink polka-dot tie. Go head on, Khan.

This marks the beginning of Trump’s end.

Yeah, I know what you’re saying—-he’s been here before and nothing has changed. Well, he hasn’t quite been here before. This is lunacy–and disrepect, ignorance and arrogance–on high.

Oh, Trump will go on with his campaign. As time passes, he will even appear to get past this. But a new kind of damage has been done. Casual Trump supporters are rethinking voting for this man.

I think it’s fabulously poetic that Trump would be brought down by people from a group for whom he has voiced considerable disdain: Muslims…mourning their son, who gave his life for the right of a small man like Trump to make a mockery of the democratic process.

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