Jared Leto plays "The Joker" in the film. But one fan feels he should have had more screen time.

Jared Leto plays “The Joker” in the film. But one fan feels he should have had more screen time.

*WTF? How’s this for a head-scratcher?

WHAT, I ask you, has this world come to? Why do people feel they can just SUE on ANY grounds, by ANY means necessary…or in this case, UNnecessary? I am seriously starting to believe that people no longer want to earn their money, they just sit around thinking up ways to sue someone for it: “Hmmm…she rolled her eyes at me. I think I’ll sue!”

Sounds like one audience member who saw the film, ‘Suicide Squad’ when it opened, last weekend, fits the bill. Because he feels his favorite actor didn’t get enough screen time, he is threatening to sue…somebody.

And get this, he’s related to a lawyer. I don’t want to assume that relation is egging him on.

I saw the film, and though there were a few minor scenes that I felt were slow, I’ll be damned if I am going to sue the director, or the film’s editors because of it.

But that’s just me.

Suicide Squad, a Will Smith starrer, broke records for an August release,  and this dude thinks it may be due to “false advertising” which he feels was evident in the film’s trailer, where Leto was prominently displayed. Yet NOT in the film itself.

And that’s why he is suing both Warner Bros. and DC Comics.

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