Tia Mowry Black Son*Tia Mowry-Hardrict shared with Vibe magazine her fears with raising a black son in our current racially tense society.

“It’s a conversation that I have with my husband all the time about, what are we going to tell Cree? What are we going to say to him so that he is not put in any circumstance with what’s going?,” she stated in an interview with VIBE.

Throughout the interview, Tia also spoke about her advocacy for the Black Lives Matter movement, being biracial, and lessons for her son.

Below are excerpts from the conversation.

On Black Lives Matter Movement:

“I’m a huge advocate about Black Lives Matter and for a while, I had a hard time sleeping. I really did, because I have a son who is black and who is going to be growing up in a society such as this.”

“I am happy that we do have social media where we can expose prejudices and things that are wrong, and we can create a community to have a voice.”

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Lessons from her White father:

“My dad is white, and my dad used to be a police officer, and he quit. The one thing that he told me was that when a police officer pulls you over, make sure your hands are at “10 and 2,” and make sure it stays there. For my dad to tell me that, who’s White and used to be a police officer, to his Black daughter, I think it says a lot. And this was when I just started driving. This was years ago.”

Message to her son:

“I have to tell him that you cannot give anybody any reason whatsoever, so that you are not put in that situation. You get what I’m saying? But I think what I am spotlighting is having the conversation and talking about it and saying, unfortunately, you are not, in my opinion, treated equally in a situation like that. So if you educate yourself and know that you aren’t, unfortunately, then you have to take those precautions.”

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