*If you didn’t know who she is, by just casually looking at her photo, you would even conceive the idiotic, crazy crap that this woman spews on behalf of Donald Trump. But like they say, looks can be real deceiving.

Her name is Katrina Pierson and she just made a complete fool of herself (and Trump, not that he needs any help) by asserting that President Barack Obama was somehow responsible for the death of the son of Khizr and Ghazala Kahn in 2004 which, if you do the math, is FIVE YEARS BEFORE he became president. Oh yeah, Twitter is lighting her arse up about it, too.

Pierson appeared on CNN for an interview with Wolf Blitzer about Trump’s continued war of words with the parents of slain soldier Capt. Humayun Khan, and said Obama’s changes to the “rules of engagement” in Iraq likely cost the soldier his life.

Duh! We got a big, no, YUGE problem here, Ms. Pierson. Capt. Khan died in 2004, when George W. Bush was president and Obama was just a state senator in Illinois.

It didn’t take Twitter long to catch on to the glaring eff-up, and created the hashtag #KatrinaPiersonHistory, which is being used to place blame for other historical events on Obama.

“The South was totally winning the Civil War, but then Obama issued a ‘Stand down’ order,” joked one user.


“According to Trump spox Katrina Pierson, were it not for President Obama’s failed policies, Abraham Lincoln would still be alive,” wrote another.

Here are some more:

“Katrina Pierson explaining to @wolfblitzer that #Obama invented time travel, went back in time and killed Cap. Kahn and then brought Zika.”

“How can you be so dense, shameless, and clueless, @KatrinaPierson that you actually make that baboon Trump look worse?”

“He was warned about that asteroid, but when it came time to act, he let millions of endangered dinosaurs die.”

“Obama knew about that iceberg but didn’t warn the captain of the Titanic #KatrinaPiersonHistory”

“We would have won the Vietnam War if it wasn’t for Obama – Katrina Pierson”

h/t: TheWrap