Uber's first self-driving car.

Uber’s first self-driving car.

*While many people are just now beginning to even trust riding in a car driven by a stranger, and are now getting pulled in by the convenience of rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft, something new and different is now being thrown in the mix.

The rideshare service with NO ONE in the driver’s seat!

You heard it right, our dear friends at Uber have decided to kick it up a notch and introduce its first self-driving automobile to pick you up and take you on your way.

Hey, Uber is a business. And what do businesses do? Businesses focus on the bottom line and try to eliminate expenses and make profits.

So although Uber has more than a gaZILLION drivers on the road, bringing their 2016 cash revenue — as in “how much do you have in the bank, homie?” to a staggering $4.1 BILLION according to Business Insider, it appears the company is now working towards eliminating the expense called human drivers.

First stop to test this innovative move: Pittsburgh!

This week, Uber announced its riders will be able to opt-in to be guinea pigs, er, I mean, the very first to test the autonomous vehicles — which will be Ford Fusions. And all it takes to call on one is the push of a button on your smartphone.

Not that other companies haven’t been dabbing into self-driving cars on public roads. They have, actually for quite some time now.

But Uber is the very first to give the people access to the experiment.

uber driverless, with driver

Hey, with millionaires like Arianna Huffington on your Board of Directors, its not like you can’t cough up the resources in the event another one of those lawsuits pops up.

Like the one an Uber driver won a $15,000 settlement for, when she said Uber took unauthorized monies out of her pay.

Uber didn’t admit fault, but decided to settle anyway.

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